Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Transformer drawings

This is a sketch of Optimus Prime I did before school.

My dad and I made up this thing called "sketch night."  So, during that sketch night, I drew this and thought that I could post this on my blog, and I really like this.

This I drew for a practice sketch of  a box of a comic book.  Although it's too big, and fills the whole paper, it's just practice.  That's why I used dialogue.  I used a dialogue bubble stencil from the "How to Draw Transformers" book.  And I am a big fan of the book.

This one I drew in art class and I'm not done with it.  It's 2 transformers fighting, and I was going to draw this for a friend.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Origami Bugs and Charcoal Drawings

This charcoal drawing I did during my drawing lessons with my dad.  Its on brown paper and the highlight is white chalk.

Same thing except for it's white paper.

Here are some of the origami bugs I folded out of origami paper and regular paper.  They're my own designs.

These praying mantises are the first thing I made up (except for my simple bug).

These are grasshoppers.  The way you fold them is start out the same way as the mantis except for a lot of stuff.  How I made this up was all I wanted to do was make a grasshopper and I figured that I had enough legs for it.  So, I tried to fold it and it worked.

On this one, you can see how difficult the folds were.

This one is a mantis eating a grasshopper!

This one is two beetles and one red spider.

This one is a rhinoceros beetle.  I made it up.

This one is a spider.  My dad thinks it's a beetle, but it's not.  Because it has 8 legs and 2 fangs.  Why would a beetle have that?

This one I just barely made it up the day I posted this.  It is a origami caterpillar.

And here you can see the sections of his belly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Metric Mech 33

At recess, I drew this mech and labeled it "Mech 33."  I took 2 whole days of recesses to draw this.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

School drawings

I had drawing lessons at school, so I got practice.  So I drew a stapler.  These are all still lifes.

At school, I drew my shoe in art.  It was fun.  I had a little bit of problems with how much space was in between the laces.  It was a lesson of shading.  The edge where my shoe is on, it's the paper I was drawing on!  I put the shoe on my paper on purpose.

This one I had a little bit of trouble with telling how round it was.  Well, the horn is pretty good, but the rest I could do a little bit better on.  I drew the table too.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gun & origami

I never drew a gun, and I wanted to practice.  The gun has a trigger on the back of the small pistol on top.  If you pull that trigger, it launches a rocket launcher on top of that small pistol, and it also cocks the three-barreled part of the gun on the very bottom.

My sister had a Harry Potter birthday party and there was a podium without the owl, and I had a giant piece of paper, so I wanted to make up my own owl to put on the podium.  So I made this owl.

I wanted to fold this for my sister's party.  It's a golden snitch.  I got a little bit of ideas from the way you fold a balloon.  But it had to have wings, so I made up wings on the back.  But, I forgot to bring this and her owl to the party.

I folded this viking ship out of one piece of paper, the pole and sails took 2 more pieces of paper.  I made it up, but it's based on this origami beak thing.  The way I did the waves was smash the sides of a piece of paper, and while you're doing this if your boat is tipped a little or a lot, that is a good thing, because it looks like the waves are tipping the boat over.  And if you have a part that's smooth, wrinkle it up.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


 I like to make up my vehicles.  Here are some tanks and other ones:

This one, I planned what I was going to draw.  So I used construction lines and found this:

I really like drawing so I drew another tank.  This one I didn't darken it all.  At least I drew it all!  There is a cockpit above the spike.  The spike rams other vehicles.

I didn't want to forget how to draw, so I practiced drawing and drew this one.  Below the double gun on the cockpit is a hinge so the gun can turn up and fire at enemy planes.

I drew this one over the first drawing.  I don't like how I drew the wheels sloppy.  It's hard to draw them the same size.  The gun on the front, on both sides of the gun you will find small machine guns.  There is a sensor on top.

This one has 2 catapults on it.  One fires 2 rocks.  There are missiles that come out of this vehicle in the middle.

I drew this tank at my drawing lessons from my dad.  This was about 2-point perspective.  I can't believe I drew the wheels sloppy again!

This tank, I drew on the back of my homework.  I do that a lot!  When the teacher doesn't notice (she doesn't like violence).  The tank is based on one of my lego inventions.  I forgot to draw the wheels inside.  I keep having problems about the wheels.